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Why Quantic?


We only work in projects which generate value to your company.


We focus in understanding the problem before beginning the project. In this way, we make sure we really solve your needs.

Incremental Products

At the end of each iteration, you'll get a usable and funcional product.

Quality Work

Our product is continually put into testing under quality criteria which is set together with our clients.

Some Success Stories


Free security app that helps you protect your family and neighbors from emergencies. Android icon Ios icon

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Online platform that integrates gamification to your workplace. Available on all devices. Android icon Ios icon Icon react small Web icon

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Alco Consultores

Automatic classification using Machine Learning. Processes hundreds of customer service polls daily. Web icon

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Our Services

Roadmapping session

Roadmapping is a service in which we explore the problem, situation and goals of the project. At the end of this service, the client will have a complete vision of the situation, a detailed plan of the project, recommendations on how to proceed, an estimate of how long it will take and how much it will cost.
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Flexible and incremental development

We divide the project into small deliveries called sprints . At the beginning of each sprint the functionalities to be worked on are defined, and in the end an improved product with these functionalities implemented is obtained.
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Post-Project support.

Do you need to make a launch plan?
Do you worry about the positioning of your website?
Do you want to do an online marketing campaign, but do not know how?
Tell us more about your project so that we can help you!

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